Top 5 Flowers for the gift Delivery in Guangzhou

Are you looking for a gift to Guangzhou? Or you are a simply flowers enthusiast ? Whichever it is, we’ve found you greatest shop that offer the best flowers delivery in Guangzhou.

Whether you want roses, lilies or sunflowers,we selected the places that feature large and quality  flowers selections, giving you lots of options to choose from. They also come with affordable prices… so see our list below to know where you can find the best flowers delivery In Guangzhou.

1.FALLING STAR OF LOVE. (19 red roses)

19 red roses

  • Materials: 19 red roses, white gypsophila and greenery plumpness
  • Flower Language: Cut the wind for the belt, cut the clouds for the clothes, embellish the beautiful glory, a gorgeous dress, a lifetime of love.
  • Suitable:Lover丨Girl friend
  • Price: $66

2.EXQUISITE (Bouquet of 7 heads pink lilies)

Lilies  to Guangzhou

  • Materials: Bouquet of 7 pink lilies, with yellow warblers and gypsophila.
  • Flower Language: In this quiet night, I let my thoughts slowly blossom, reveal the fragrance of love, enchanted by the moonlight, and give you warmth all the way.
  • Suitable:Lover丨Elders
  • Price: $79.00

3.lOVE YOU FOREVER(15 pink carnations)

  • Materials: 15 pink carnations, half blue hydrangea, half pink hydrangea, rosy carnations (or pink Dianthus) plump, green eustoma to taste, eucalyptus garnish
  • Flower Language: With a heart to love happiness will never be broken, with the truth to give you sweet absolute, even if the romantic words will eventually run out of words, I will also insist on giving you the deepest touched!
  • Suitable:Elders丨Mother
  • Price: $74

4.POSITIVE BELIEF(3 sunflowers)

  • Materials: 3 sunflowers with white baby's breath and eucalyptus leaves
  • Flower Language: To give you positive faith, may you be full of strength and win the championship!
  • Suitable:Elders丨Firends丨Lover
  • Price: $40

5.DEEP LOVE(11 red roses)

  • Materials: 11 red roses, eucalyptus interspersed
  • Flower Language: It takes a minute to meet someone, an hour to like someone, a day to love someone, and a lifetime to protect you.
  • Suitable:Lover丨Girl friend
  • Price: $53


And that’s our list of shops with the best flowers delivery in Guangzhou! Have you already decided which one you’d like to buy? Tell us all about it!

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