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Top 10 Best Options to Send Flowers to China

There is no doubt that there are more and more people would like to send Flowers to Their Chinese Friend, Love, Relatives or Business Partners. Many Children go to China for Study, and Many Expats go to China for Travel Business. 

After Adding to WTO, China economy and culture connect with the World more and more close. That is why more and more Foreigners go to China For Business or Studying. However, How to Send a Flower to China? Today, Sammygift would like to introduce Top 10 Best Flowers to Send to your China Friends.

#1 11 Red Roses with Green

The reason why this Flower Bouquet so Popular is Price. It only Cost 39.9USD to send a Best wishes to your Girl Friend, Your love , your wife and make her happy. It is a Best Choice and Most popular to Send Roses to China. No matter your would like to send Flower to Shanghai or Beijing or Other Cities in China, This Flowers are all Available in more than 1000 Cities of China.

# 2 33 Red Roses

33 Red Roses Flower Bouquet is the Second Best Choice to Send Flower to China. Some Sender sometime would like to Express more love to their Lover in China. They would like to Send more than 11 Roses.

“33” is not a common number, it is a miracle number and the Chinese pronunciation is similar to “生生”, which means love forever; 33 means love you forever; the shape of 33 is a ear, which symbolizes lovers’ intimate behaviors, such as kiss, whisper etc.

There is an Return Old Customers second Bouquet to His Girl is 33 Red Rose. He think 33 Red Roses Means Lucky in China and The bouquet is much bigger than 11 Roses. This Flower Bouquet is Very Popular in Guangzhou Flowers Delivery and Shenzhen.

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